WSJ: ‘Stalker’ Is a Magic Show That Gets Inside Your Mind

Charles Isherwood, Writing for The Wall Street Journal:

“Stalker” is the sinister title of the entertaining mind-bender of a magic show performed by the Swedish duo known as Brynolf & Ljung. And that ominous word is underscored by the primary prop on the mostly clean stage: a cork board with various photos and clippings affixed to it by bright pins, with yarn seemingly connecting dots between them.

Mr. Brynolf, the flashier dresser of the duo, sporting a pastry-shaped man bun perched atop his head, black cowboy boots and a sparkly pink choker, and Jonas Ljung, blond, bright-eyed and youthfully handsome in a simple gray suit, made a splash on “Britain’s Got Talent” and have since been seen on various international television shows. Proof of their sleight-of-hand bona fides: The renowned duo of Penn & Teller are among the producers.


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