‘Asi Wind’s Inner Circle’ Review: A Man With All the Aces

Charles Isherwood, Writing for The Wall Street Journal:

It is neither fair, interesting nor even possible to describe in detail the various tricks Mr. Wind performs; at a show like this, surprise feeds one’s sense of wonder, and a sense of wonder is what the audience comes for. It is a credit to Mr. Wind’s unfathomable gifts that while the show relies only on those cards and the participation of the audience members to work its magic, it nevertheless gathers momentum, as the revelations become more elaborate and mystifying.

Long before the show concluded, I gave up on my instinctive attempts to determine Mr. Wind’s methods — all the members of the audience could not, obviously, be “plants.” (Needless to say, I wasn’t.) In any case, the appeal of magic shows is surrendering our natural insistence on reason, and on trying to divine the methods behind the mad-making wonders, and instead to let the ineffable, the incredible, take hold of our imaginations. In this, the spectacle-free “Asi Wind’s Inner Circle” succeeds quite spectacularly.



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