3. ‘Broadway by the Books’, With Christopher Cacace

Today, Managing Director and entertainment tax genius Christopher Cacace stops by the show for some money talk – and so much more. Everything you thought you knew about how money moves through a Broadway show will be turned on its ear when Chris breaks down in layman’s terms how art and commerce merge and engage all constituents toward opening night and beyond. Chris’s work is at the crossroads where artist, producer and general manager intersect to keep shows in the black and in compliance with all of the many tax laws that govern money and finance on Broadway. In addition, we get a listen to two new songs from the musical theatre composer, Alanya Bridge.

Guest: Christopher Cacace Host: David Brush Theme music composed by Rachel Dean Episode 3 – ‘Broadway by the Books’, With Christopher Cacace


Seas Away

In Between Music & Lyrics by Alanya Bridge Performed by Mia Gerachis Cello by Jessica Wang

How Are You Katie?

Chapters Music and Lyrics by Alanya Bridge Performed by Nick Hollamby

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