2. From Casting ‘Agent’ to Casting ‘Producer’, With Daryl Eisenberg


Today, we speak to Casting Director, Daryl Eisenberg: co-founder of Eisenberg/Beans Casting. Daryl’s office serves as casting director for nearly every medium from film to voiceover to Broadway. But they’re not merely content with anything that may be considered business as usual. Darly is serving the industry in a hands-on way that goes beyond finding the right people for the right roles. Daryl stops by to talk post-2020 industry realities, how to have the difficult conversations about a show’s development and future, and how Actor’s Equity should take a hard look at outdated processes that are detrimental to the industry’s current trajectory. Also – get a listen to a new song from Robelen & Reifler and an exclusive demo from Jarret Murray. Find out more about Daryl and Eisenberg/Beans at ebcastingco.com

Guest: Daryl Eisenberg Host: David Brush Theme music composed by Rachel Dean Episode 2 – From Casting ‘Agent’ to Casting ‘Producer’



 Music & Lyrics by Erin J. Reifler and Spencer Robelen  


Music & Lyrics by Jarrett Murray 

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