Company Manager

New York, New York

KGM Theatrical provides general management services to commercial productions in New York, on tour, and across the country. Select projects include Rock of Ages, Heathers, Slava’s Snow Show, Blue, Windows, MacGyver the Musical, and Born For This.

KGM is seeking Company Managers for a number of upcoming projects in New York and in development.


At KGM we have a human first culture. Human hours, human time off, and human flexibility. We prefer calm thoughtful work to reactive work. We believe 40 hours a week is a good amount of time to devote to one’s job. We respect nights and weekends. We believe there should be time to take care of our families, children, and loved ones. We love the work, but we believe we function at our best when we have balance and time to breathe.

At KGM we rely on the written word. Instead of long meetings and endless video calls, we primarily communicate in writing. A thoughtful write-up is worth ten Zoom meetings. Plus, nothing gets lost in translation. There’s always a record so others on the team can dip in and out of projects and know exactly where things stand.

We’re known for using technology to help us stay organized and promote a calm focused workplace. But apps and technology can never replace the human connection we forge with our clients.

We do things a little differently at KGM and we’re looking for someone who wants to go along for that ride.


Candidates should have a passion for the performing arts and an interest in the administrative work of Company Managers. Candidates should look forward to a positive, inclusive, and equitable growth environment. Experience in general and/or company management is encouraged.

Company Managers will be required to perform the following duties: inter-personal relationship and communication between company members, show-specific business duties, and Payroll, among other industry standard duties for a professional Company Manager. Candidates should be familiar with Office applications, PC computers, Quickbooks accounting software, general office duties and have a proactive mindset in their approach to the position. Experience with Telecharge’s STAR System is preferred but not required.


We write a lot about our culture. Here’s a sampling of that writing: